Stereotype recognition

How do we judge speakers? Three adolescents on the phone.  
This unit addresses social evaluations of standard vs. nonstandard language use, and the range linguistic repertoires. Materials include recordings from three young men speaking on the phone with their friends, with speech reflecting features of the traditional Berlin dialect, a multiethnolect (“Kiezdeutsch”) of standard-close German, respectively. Participants listen to the recordings and are asked toevaluateeach speaker along different social and affective dimensions. They discuss their evaluations in small groups, followed by a plenary discussion with slides that addresses the problems with such judgements

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  • Folien (740.3 KiB)
  • Folien mit Notizen (1.5 MiB)
  • AB Fragebogen (546.2 KiB)
  • AB Transkripte (157.7 KiB)
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  • Merkblatt Kiezdeutsch (137.1 KiB)
  • Merkblatt Kiezdeutsch kontrastiv (1,015.8 KiB)

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