Language Situations

One situation – four different text sorts  

This unit supports an awareness of the linguistic repertoires of young people. Participants deal with linguistic productions from 2x2 informal vs. formal, spoken vs. written language,by young people who were asked to describe a fictional traffic accident in a phone call and a text message to a friend, in an interview with a police officer, and in a written witness report for the police. Participants are first asked to match different quotes with situations, then to compose a text message themselves and transcribe a phone call they pretend to have with a friend, and subsequently analyse their productions linguistically. This provides them with practical experiences and further linguistic knowledge of different text sorts, in particular the kind of informal, vernacular writing and speaking that tends to be neglected at school, supporting an awareness of the breadth of speakers’ linguistic repertoires and the different, contextually appropriate choices they offer.

  • Handbuch (408.1 KiB)
  • Folien (451.2 KiB)
  • Folien (145.1 KiB)
  • Folien mit Notizen (1.2 MiB)
  • AB Sprachsituationen (855.6 KiB)
  • Zitatkarten (1.1 MiB)
  • Zitatkarten Loesungen (157.1 KiB)
  • Tafelbild (2.4 MiB)
  • Merkblatt SMS (257.3 KiB)
  • Merkblatt Sprachsituationen (264.0 KiB)

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