Dialect Test

Quiz game with German dialects.  

This unit provides a hands-on understanding of complex and systematic patterns outside the monolingual ‘standard’, and emphasises that “correct” and “wrong” do not distinguish standard language from other dialects and vernaculars. Is “der Mutter ihr Hut” or “der Mutter sein Hut”the correct form in German? Why is it possible to say “Heute bin ich drei Stunden rumgesessen.” in Bavarian? Participants work individually or in groups with exercise cards that identify a communicative context and offer minimal pairs of statements that differ in a particular grammatical, lexical, or pragmatic aspect. They have to tell which variant fits better into the context and get feedback on their responses, including linguistic explanations for the correct answer. All linguistic examples – for good and bad fits alike – are from nonstandard language (different regional dialects, traditional and multiethnolectal vernaculars).

  • Handbuch (438.4 KiB)
  • AB Arbeitsauftrag (272.0 KiB)
  • AB Quellen (512.3 KiB)
  • Dialektkarten Bairisch (197.7 KiB)
  • Dialektkarten Berlinisch (181.0 KiB)
  • Dialektkarten Schweizerdeutsch (163.9 KiB)
  • Dialektkarten Thueringisch (162.0 KiB)
  • Dialektkarten Standardnahe Umgangssprache (256.8 KiB)
  • Merkblatt Varietaeten (244.6 KiB)

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