Ball contacts (1)

How stereotypes affect memory: An exploration with the film “Ball Contacts”

This unit raises awareness of the fact that linguistic stereotypes can influence memory through first-hand experiences and a plenary discussion. Pupils see a video sequence from the film “Ball Contacts” that shows three young men having informal conversations before a football game and then in a history test at school. The ‘football’ conversations show the young men talking to their friends, using variously Turkish-German code-switching, standard-close informal German, and informal German with a palatalisation of [ç] that has become a shibboleth (“isch”) that in Germany marks young people as having a Middle Eastern background. After an interruption (for instance, a break or another teaching unit), pupils are asked to recall the grades that speakers scored in the history test. People tend to mistakenly remember a more positive grade for the speaker of standard-close German, and worse grades for the speakers with code-switching and “isch”-shibboleth.

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