The contents of this website have been developed in project T1 (PI: H. Wiese) of the Special Research Area SFB 632 (“Information Structure”) of Potsdam University, Humboldt-University Berlin, and Free University Berlin, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Development and testing of the materials, their evaluation and dissemination are organised in cooperation with the following partners:

  • Berlin Senate Administration for Education, Science, and Research

  • Institute “Integration through Education”

  • Hector-Peterson Secondary School, Berlin-Kreuzberg

  • Nürtingen Primary School, Berlin-Kreuzberg

  • Komşu Kindergarten, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Cooperating Partners

Universität Potsdam - SFB 632 „Informationsstruktur”


Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung Berlin


Werkstatt Integration durch Bildung -


Hector-Peterson-Sekundarschule - Berlin-Kreuzberg


Interkulturelle Kindertagesstätte Komşu Berlin-Kreuzberg

Nürtingen-Grundschule - Berlin-Kreuzberg