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Whose child gets into the sought-after school? Conversations at a bus stop

This unit supports an awareness of impacts on linguistic stereotypes. Pupils hear audio recordings of different adults in informal conversations at a bus stop and are told that these are parents who would like their children to be accepted at a neighbouring school that has only a few free places left. They discuss (first in small groups and then in a plenary discussion) the respective pupils’ prospects, and the reasons they have for their prediction, exploring the social and linguistic prejudices that can influence one’s view of pupils. The unit provides recordings with different regional dialects, speech styles ranging from more standard-close to more vernacular, code-switching, and learner stages of German as a foreign language for high- and low-prestige first languages, including matched guises. The trainer can choose a subset suitable for the regional, social, and linguistic context of the school(s) at which the pupils teach.

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